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Dear Pink Spider Web reader and supporter,

you might have noticed that the ” The Live Feed” have been rather silent lately.
This is due to a major new undertaking and the birth of a new international project.
About 3,5 years ago I had a dream, a vision, that The Pink Spider Web could be used actively for creating true bonds between people across the globe.
I wanted to create an international collaborations project between musicians.
Some of you might recall the ideas of the international film and music project called
一緒にTogether – isshoniTogether
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A project in which musicians helped each other with the support of their combined audiences.
The idea was to create a project with bands from two countries and let them collaborate on a music project and help introduce each other on their respective home grounds
We would document and blog as the project progressed and the project would go final with a tour in two countries with the artists.

Unfortunately, I got very ill in cancer, and the project went dormant, but it has always been my dream!
Once I was well from a second cancer period last year, I altered the project and started hosting events under the same name in Tokyo – 一緒にTogether
Aiming to appeal to an audience with mixed ethnicities, not only Japanese even if here in Tokyo, and aiming to help foreign artists come to Tokyo and play.

Red Shoes

As an example of this is Maya Bergman, a Swedish vocalist who came over to Japan,
and whom I introduced to Japanese musicians and audiences here in Tokyo,
and in November this year the Swedish band Novembervägen came to Tokyo to play together at the SAME gigs as Japanese artists.
The Japanese “hosts” were artists and bands and they then had to share their audience and HELP the visitors.
and WOW do Japanese people know how to make people feel welcome to their country!



Still in me I had this dream that has never left me…. the dream ever since I started The Pink Spider Web, inspired by ” a call from the sky” ,
a message I believe came from hide (X-Japan guitarist who died May 2, 1998)
The universe (and hide’s message to me) proved once again to have connected people with similar dreams.
I came in contact with
Kenji Okahira and RockFord Records (
who resonated with this idea completely!
Kenji Okahira told me, he too shared these visions!
We had many talks and discussions, and a new project idea was born.
Kenji Okahira

During 2015 I started collaborating more and more with the amazing people at RockFord Records.
I mentioned in passing my dream and vision about musicians collaborating,
and I shared with them the dream project:
Since Tokyo is hosting the Olympics 2020,
Japan could benefit from this somehow, and primarily Japanese musicians and everyone in culture industry.
Actually I wish for the project to be a peace making project, and not just benefit the Japanese musicians, but send a message to the world somehow. That despite the current events of terror world wide, we can together show that music can aid and be a tool in creating friendship and peace.
Imagine what we can do
Imagine what we can do Together!
Anna Shown


A new MISSION with a project vision spanning over the next coming 5 years came about
Once again the concept of doing things TOGETHER proves to be so much stronger and
TOGETHER we can accomplish so many positive actions that truly can change peoples’ lives.


The mission statement, and a video with the Japanese participants for the 2016 team)
can be read here:


The IsshoniTogether 2016 project is a huge undertaking because:

We need to collaborate globally across language and cultural borders.
We need to listen to each other and accept that people work and act differently.
We have basic needs such as funds to transport musicians from Japan to Sweden
and money to take them around IN Sweden.
We need support from the outside both mentally and financially.
We want to attract people to an idea
We need to publish material online in at least two languages
We need help with translations, with bookings, with web design, with shooting, creating and editing videos
We need to spread the idea …so

Please JOIN US
Please read the Mission Statement, consider donating to the project, and SHARE the idea
that we can really CREATE a lot of GOOD with passion for MUSIC and for each other!
from the bottom of my heart I am grateful to all and everyone
for support, for cheering on when illness and pain has come my way
for smiles and sparkles
for helping with translations… without you Erica I would be so disabled,
for sharing your ideas with me and creating mutual projects, events and ideas,
and especially huge thank you to
Kenji Okahira and RockFord Records
Now Let’s DO THIS!
as Kenji says: Let’s GO AHEAD!

Tetsu Ko