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Crew and staff in the 一緒にTogether project

Project Assistant, Sweden.

Sofia is born and raised in a coastal suburb north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Her interest in Japan began when she started training Karate when she was 7 years old.
A few years later the interest spread to things like Japanese music, and she became fascinated by the different language and culture.
Sofia likes to play the drums and have been taking lessons and wants to continue playing.
She likes the band Kerbera from Sweden,
and she is very exited to see them in the isshoniTogether project!!!

She has never been to Japan, but she would love to go there one day. The dream is alive!

Brown belt in karate. Drottningholm, November 22, 2015
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Hanna Jonsson är vår projektassistent i Sverige. Hon hjälper till i projektet med crowdfundingen, marknadsföringen på sociala medier och andra uppgifter som rör administration under projektets gång.

Hanna är född och uppvuxen i en ort mitt i Sverige, inte alls långt ifrån Järvsö där isshoniTogether 2016 inleds/håller på(?)

Hennes intresse för Japan och japansk kultur började redan i ung ålder. Vad som först drog henne till Japan var manga (japanska serieböcker) och anime (japanska tecknade tv-serier).

Intresset växte sig så småningom större och hon blev intresserad av japansk kultur: dess traditioner och seder, mode, musik, vardagsliv och språk. Hon har varit till Japan två gånger, för att semestra och för språkstudier. Hennes intresse för Japan växer sig bara större.

Hon förklarar:
“Att få delta i det här projektet är för mig en fantastisk att kunna träffa nya vänner, samt att få chans att ta del av livemusik som inte finns tillgänglig lokalt där jag bor.
Jag vill på alla sätt jag kan hjälpa till att sprida japansk musik och kultur, med hopp om att andra kommer känna likadant om Japan som jag gör.”


Hanna Jonsson is our Project Assistant in Sweden.
Hanna primarily aids the project with duties surrounding crowdfunding, social media networking, and
general admin duties.other

Hanna is born and raised in a small town in the middle of Sweden, not far from Järvsö where the isshoniTogether 2016 will take place.

Her interest in Japan, and Japanese culture, began at a very young age. What appealed to her initially about Japan was the Japanese manga (Japanese cartoons) and anime. (Japanese animations)

However the interest grew bigger, eventually she got interested in Japanese everyday life:
its culture and traditions, fashion, music and the Japanese language.
She has been to Japan twice for vacation as well as for a study abroad program,
and her interest for Japan continues to grow.

She states:

“To be in this project in an amazing opportunity for me to make new friends, to be able to enjoy great music close to home, live music of a kind never offered in my regional part of Sweden.

I want to help in any way I can, to spread Japanese music and culture, hoping that other people will feel the same way as I do towards Japan.”

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Zero Zavec, Anna Cei’s Personal Assistant/ Project Management Assistant

Zero moved from Sweden to Tokyo in the autumn of 2014.
He is a student of photography at Tokyo Visual Arts, and model for SEX POT ReVeNGe,Tokyo.
He is also a bassist. He started his music career with the metalcore band ARTERYS,from Gothenburg.
Currently seeking to start up a new band in Japan.
So if you want to play guitar or drums the band is currently looking for members.
Auditions to be held. Send resume and contact information to Zero’s email below.



Social Media

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Elle Harris はシアトル出身の写真家で、現在は東京に拠点をおき、活動をしています。






Elle Harris is an American photographer from Seattle, living in Tokyo. She specializes in live music, event, and promotional photography. Her photography has energetic imagery combined with a journalistic style. She has studied under established music photographers and has worked with major label, independent, and international artists. Her work has been featured on multiple publications both in the United States and Japan. As a life long musician, she studies each artist’s and client’s work to give them a look that matches their sound. She is also dedicated philanthropist and believes that music and art can create, heal, and connect through out the world.

Elle Photographer



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