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スウェーデン第二の都市イェーテボリにあるイェーテボリ大学では舞台芸術と音楽を専攻、在学中にはバンド “Åsa¹s Garden” を立ち上げ三枚のアルバム、”There is no way”、 “Seeds of Love” そして “Where I Belong” を発表しました。アルバム “Where I Belong” のいくつかの楽曲は、アンソニー・マイケル・ホール主演の映画 “Funny Valentine” で使用されました。

Asa Live

Åsa はその時のことをこう語る:「観客のエネルギーはすごいものだった。この時、単に音楽を”演奏する”、”歌う”、ということが人々の手助けになっている、という確かな感覚を感じることができました。そこには、勇気、希望、そして ”今” を生きる人々がいました。愛と善い行いは憎しみを乗り越えることができる、ということがサラエヴォで明らかとなったのです。」

2001年、映画 “Invisible Circus” (邦題『姉のいた夏、いない夏。』、キャメロン・ディアス主演)では作中にあるバンドのリードボーカル役として出演している。

9・11の直後 Åsa は母国スウェーデンに戻ることを考えました。しかし、サラエヴォで経験した記憶から、彼女は傷ついた人たちを癒すためニューヨークに残りました。その活動のひとつが “Seeds of Love” (「愛のタネ」)です。


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Åsa grew up in a town in Sweden called Örebro with her parents and two
younger brothers. When she was five years old, she started playing the
piano and writing her own songs.
While studying at the Academy of Music and Drama (Gothenburg University, Sweden)
she formed the band “Åsa¹s Garden”. They recorded three albums:
“There is no way”, “Seeds of Love” and “Where I Belong”.
A few songs from the album “Where I Belong” were in the movie “Funny Valentine”
starring Anthony Michael Hall.

In 1997 Åsa moved to Paris to study theater.
During her last year in Paris, she joined a world music group and went on tour around Europe.
Right after the Bosnian war they played in Sarajevo
Åsa was greatly affected by a sense of looking right into the eyes of pure evil.
One concert was especially unforgettable. It was an outdoor fundraising concert.
Åsa states: “The audience¹s energy was amazing. Just by singing and playing music, we got a feeling of actually being able to help. There was a feeling of conveying courage, and hope and enliven the souls of the people present. It became apparent in Sarajevo, that love and goodness truly can rise above hatred.”

1999 Åsa decided to head to New York to continue to study and do acting.
For ex in 2001 Åsa landed a minor role in the movie “Invisible Circus” (starring Cameron Diaz) as a lead singer in a band.

2001, September 11….
Right after September 11, Åsa felt like returning to Sweden.
But, just as in Sarajevo, instead Åsa chose o be part of a healing process.
So instead she stayed in New York, creating and producing a show called “Seeds of Love”.

Åsa strongly believes music and theater has a power to unite,
heal and invigorate people’s souls,
Åsa currently lives in Stockholm, working on her 4th album, teaching music, working as a singer song writer, as well as being involved with a variety of music projects.