Kerbera is an experimental visual rockband, consisting of five members, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band mixes an ambient sound with a progressive undertone and catchy vocal melodies overseeding genre limits.

The band got together during the summer of 2013 and shortly released their first single ”inglorious” which quickly climbed the Swedish ITunes charts, and played on the radio though the list of Sweden’s most bought and streamed songs.
The music video for the song got over 10 000 views in just 24 hours.
Today it has 1,5 million views.
The single released afterwards, called “Counterparts”,
and the music video attached was funded by fans through a crowdfunding service and reached 70 000 Kr (est. US$ 8400 )

During their active years, Kerbera have toured around Sweden,
but also had shows in Los Angeles, Germany and a full tour in Japan – booked and arranged by the band themselves.
They have now released their first album “People like you” through KEIOS entertainment and will continue to play shows around the world,
with a few dates already booked…

Next big event will be KEIOS Festival 18th of June in Stockholm, Sweden together with all the leading bands of the visual scene in Europe!