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KoREDS [English will follow below]
1989年12月『AURA』でEPIC SONY(後にKi/oon SONY)よりシングル『Dreaming Now』でメジャーデビュー。
オリコン初登場8位を記録。デビューアルバム『THESAURAS』はオリコン5位、PV集『FIRST VISION』は1位を記録。
4枚目のシングル『SMILE & SMILE』はアニメ『シティーハンター』のエンディングテーマとして提供。


シングル『Le-Oh!!』はTOWER RECORDSインディーズ予約チャート5位を記録。

後にミニアルバム『未来SOUL』や韓国遠征ドキュメントDVDやデビュー20周年ベストアルバム『20th Anniversary Best』をソニーミュージックより発売。
PIRANHAも『PIRANHA 69 KINGZ』に改名し一枚のミニアルバムと一枚のDVDを発売。


His major debut came in December 1989 when AURA released the single “Dreaming Now” on EPIC SONY. The song made it number 8 on the Oricon Chart, and the debut album “THESAURAS” was 5th . The video “First Vision” topped the charts with a stellar first place!
During the in the 90s AURA released 3 albums, 5 singles, and 3 videos.
Their 4th single, the well known song ”SMILE & SMILE”、 is the ending song for the anime
“City Hunter”.

KoREDS has been a member of many bands during the hiatus of AURA
In 2000 he formed the band “PIRANHA” and performed as a vocalist. They released an album and a single.
The single “Le-Oh!!” made 5th place on Tower Record’s Indies Reservation Chart.

In 2006 AURA reunited and they released the first Best-Of-Album: “Memory” and subsequently released the mini-album “未来SOUL” (Future Soul”
The mini album is now available for digital download online at:
They also released a documentary DVD from their participation at a major Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea,
and a Best-Of-Album “20th Anniversary Best Of” to commemorate their 20th anniversary since their debut  with Sony Music.
“PIRANHA” changed their name to “PIRANHA 69 KINGZ” and released both a mini album and a DVD.

Currently KoREDS is a member in 3 different bands: AURA, HeavensDust (a metal band that incorporates Japanese traditional instruments) and the duo KoREDS★&Kyassy★, an acoustic duo where KoREDS plays guitar and sings.


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