1998年、自らのプロジェクト「△THE ORANGE」を立ち上げる。

スケジュール  Upcoming gig schedule

3-12 JIU 慈雨 at MELODIA Tokyo
3-27 一緒にTogether JIU 慈雨 at MELODIA Tokyo
4-08 AURA at Meguro Live Station
4-29 Bokurano fune at MELODIA Tokyo
5-14 湾岸の羊~Sheep living on the edge~ at Shimokitazawa Basement BAR
5-28 Reds☆ Birthday Live!! at MELODIA Tokyo

Reds accoustic


Reds☆ most know as a vocalist with the band AURA, who had their debut in 1989 under EPIC/SONY. Their famous debut song was “Dreaming Now”, and it is widely spread and known in Japan. In the early 90’s they gained huge popularity as a pioneer band within the Visual Kei movement.
However, after a few years into the 90’s, AURA went in to hiatus, and Reds☆ started a solo career .
In 1998, he set up his own project called “△THE ORANGE”.

2006 AURA reunited and restarted.

2010, they performed on the biggest Korean Rock Fest with Kim Seheon (then with the band Eve, now with HY$TETIC$) a pioneer on the Korean rock scene.

In the summer of 2011, AURA performed on Yurtec Stadium in Sendai., home stadium for the soccer team Vegalta Sendai. Contributing to the reconstruction spirit for rebuilding the area after the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in the spring earlier that year.
This Vegalta Sendai ties were tied already back in 1990, when AURA released the song
“愛・オーランド” which became a cheerleading song for the supporters,
and this song is sang at the end of the game when the team has won a game.

Reds☆ has been performing and MC-ing at many big events for example the big New Year’s Eve rock event: “New Year’s World Rock Festival”
Reds☆’ voice is a strong asset. It is strong, clean and amazingly beautiful.

Aside from activities as a vocalist, both solo , with AURA and with acoustic bands such as “Bokurano fune,” he also enjoys playing the guitar with “湾岸盧羊 – sheep living on the edge
Reds☆’ has a personal positive message in his songs, and he wants his music to convey positive feelings of love and peace